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At Glenn River Stables we offer a variety of different boarding packages. You are able to board your horse permanently outside, in our brand new stalls and combined paddocks, and our 12x12 box stalls. We also have extra costs services such as graining, extra hay, turnout, and blanketing. In our box stalls we have timed lights, automatic waterers, and an overhead fly system.

Horses are fed twice each day with your choice of premium grass, alfalfa, or mix hay.

Stalls are cleaned 7 days a week along with being bedded with pine shavings as needed.

Main Barn 

12x13 box stalls

Shed Row 

12x12 stall with 15 ft long paddock

Pasture Boarding 

15 acres of subdivided pastures

additional fees:

graining (grain not included)



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