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At Glenn River Stables we care deeply about the functionality and usefulness of all of our equipment, as well as our buildings. We try and take care of all 30 of our beautiful acres.

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Main Barn

With a 34 stall indoor barn and 155x80 ft arena, Glenn River Stables provides exceptional care for horses in a comfortable and clean environment. We understand the importance of maintaining a daily routine, which is why our stalls are cleaned and bedded daily with fresh pine shavings. We also have automatic waterers to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Our arena also boasts the highest quality footing around, ensuring that both horse and rider can train safely and comfortably.

Shed Row and Outdoor Arena

Our newly built 15 stall shed row provides the protection from the outside, as well roaming area for those horses that are a little more restless. And our outdoor arena is standard competition size, 130x260 ft. This amount of room is truly a luxury that is especially appreciated when there are many horses in the arena.


Glenn River Stables is located in the Butte Valley on about 30 acres of land. About 15 of those acres are used for pasture. These pastures inhabit our horses, mini cow herd, and our fainting goats! Our pastures are flood irrigated about once a month to keep them luscious and green! The waters and fence lines are checked daily for our horses' safety.


We're always welcoming visitors!


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